Why Israel Stake

Israel is the Start-Up Nation. With new technologies and innovations happening daily, companies who are looking to expand beyond Israel and to explore the global opportunities can reach out to Israel Stake for assistance with expansion, networking and fundraising. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms which focus exclusively on raising money, Israel Stake becomes your strategic partner and works with you to find the best pathway to global growth and expansion. Your startup or existing business will receive support and assistance from the founders and their networks including assistance with marketing, business development, and fundraising.

Who We Are

The Israel Stake team are successful entrepreneurs who have a deep connection to Israel and desire to see more Israeli companies succeed in the global economy.  Natural networkers and connectors, the team keeps an eye out for all opportunities to help their portfolio of companies. The executive team have either started their own ventures or have worked in the startup ecosystem growing and expanding businesses. You will be dealing with people who have “walked the walk” and understand the daily grind of building and growing your startup.

What We Do

Israel Stake offers 3 services to our client partners. Some companies engage us for one or all of these efforts.

  • Raise capital – Tapping our network of investors which consists of private investors, venture capital firms and strategic institutional investors where appropriate, we present our partner’s business for consideration and review.
  • B2B connections – With decades of startup experience we, are able to assist our partners with both strategic and tactical partnership introductions to help their business grow and expand across North America. The Israel Stake team attends and represent partners at local and regional events throughout the year.
  • Obtain Local, State and other tax incentives and credits in the US – Many businesses miss out on the opportunity to receive grants and tax incentives when moving to the US. With our program, we help our partners explore all the opportunities available and make available “free” money to help with their transition to the US.

How We Help

The Israel Stake network is the key to your success. Each partner will have a customized approach to their goals set up. The following are a few of the key components to our program.

Access to Financing via Elevate Ventures. Elevate is one of our funding partners who are excited to review the companies we put before them. Working with Israel Stake your company can be fast tracked through their review process.

Deciding on where to locate your business can have a significant financial impact. While some companies have a set plan those who are willing to explore different options can receive significant benefit in both tax incentives and local grants. Our partner at Stimulus Economic Advisors will work with Israel Stake companies to find the best path towards their US operation to maximize their financial rewards.

Breaking into some industries requires more than a good network. It requires the right political connections to expedite federal reviews and approvals. Israel Stake companies who need those services will receive the assistance of our partners at Sextons Creek. Regardless if you have a biotech/health tech/Agro tech company waiting on the FDA or a security product requiring DHS review (and many others) we can assist with the process

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