Agro-Shelef’s goal is to develop and promote effective, sustainable, cost-effective solutions for pest control in agriculture that is friendly to humans and the environment.

Their goals:
• Always be cost effective for the growers
• Base production at local facilities without the need for complex infrastructure
• The production unit is highly energy efficient, it is non-pollutant and does not even require sewerage facilities
• Use renewable raw materials which are available around the globe
• Use non-poisonous vegetable oils that were found effective for pest control utilities
• TAMAR-TECH is based on fresh emulsion that preserves all the beneficial ingredients of the vegetable oils and
at the same time prevents phyto-toxic incidents to the treated plants

Tamar-Tech, our “flag ship” product mainly controls Spider mite and White fly. It is registered in the Israeli ministry of agriculture and on market since 2012.
International expansion:
JV with local partners that will focus on
Local registration
Generating demands and acquiring distributors
Targeted territories:
USA, Mexico, South-East Asia, Spain, Italy, North-Africa

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