IoT for Security OEMs

At Securepush we are committed to providing an inherently secure IoT platform that is truly end-to-end (including connectivity hardware) yet simple to implement.

Comprehensive IAM (Identity and Access Management) enforced by biometric technologies make SignalWall and IoTen a particularly good fit for manufacturers of secured devices that promise restricted access.

Securepush products and technology

IoTen™ is our SOC line of products designed to fit on logic boards, enhancing security products with advanced features through IoT connectivity.

SignalWall™ is our multi-layer security technology underlying every IoTen™, our mobile apps and cloud services.

IoTen™ fits onto your PCB, providing the ultimate protection of hardware rooted security with SignalWall™ technology, so you can safely enhance your product with advanced IoT features.

System on a Chip
IoTen™ is a WiFi connectivity SoC, powered by SignalWall™ security firmware. Use our GPIO scripting tool to configure custom commands and security flows

Mobile Apps
SignalWall™ is delivered with white-labeled mobile apps, ready for use. Alternatively, SignalWall mobile SDKs may be tailored for custom apps

Cloud Services
The SignalWall™ OEM portal provides complete device management functions as well as BI analytics reports based on big data reported by the devices in the field.

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