Who we are

We are Where does our name come from? The most common head movement is the “look to the left/right” rotation. However, an authentic VR experience requires what is called “full” 6DOF, six degrees of freedom, which, in addition to tracking neck tilts and rotation, tracks the user’s overall position in space.

We have created a new optical tracking system technology – for VR and a variety of other sectors – that represents a breakthrough in both speed and accuracy. We combine optics, electronics and algorithms to offer a device urgently needed for current product development in multiple industries. Our initial market focus is to develop an inside-out six degrees of freedom (6DOF) tracking system for the VR market.

We are three founders: Mark Goldfarb (CEO), Daniel Greenspan (CTO) and Klony Lieberman (VP R&D). We each have over 25 years of international business and technology experience. Our development team is made up of 10 engineers. The company was formed in February 2017, with an R&D office in Jerusalem. We have two patents filed (US & PCT), and are active participants in the Samsung Runway accelerator program. We have raised a total of $1.5 million to date.

How we’re unique

Our installation-free technology leverages existing room lights, without modification, to serve as location beacons. Embedded in any manufacturer’s existing hardware, our products will report their accurate position at a very high speed, to any host system – be it a VR headset or other mass-market product. This patent-pending approach yields a product that offers the unique and sought-after combination of low-cost, low-latency and low-power. We will offer a game-changing latency of under 1ms, with fresh data being supplied at each cycle.

VR is not the only application that will benefit from our technology. GPS does not offer the speed or precision needed by indoor drones or robots…and will not operate indoors. We address these needs, without requiring the end-user to add beacons or make infrastructure changes. For automotive collision avoidance, our sensor will detect oncoming headlights or tail-lights faster than existing camera-based systems. We also expect keen interest in nighttime navigation for autonomous vehicles, leveraging street lamps.

Our Progress

We are in contact with the top VR/AR headset OEMs and many companies developing other applications. Our proof-of-concept has convinced industry leaders that we have the solution they need, and each has responded by asking us to ramp up and expand our efforts for their product lines. We believe that we will be better and less expensive than the competition who are using software solutions with 2D or 3D cameras, which is an expensive, slow and power-hungry approach.

We plan to release the full 6DOF product prototype at the end of Q1 2018.

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