A GPS based integrated and user-friendly operational management system for any transportation fleet. An office platform with complementary applications for the driver, the safety officer, and the preliminary tour operator provides effortless and efficient real-time monitoring and control of a fleet of trucks connected through the system, from order entry up to invoice issuing.

A complete setup where the actual journey is joined to the relevant customer order.

An integrative system that connects all the fleet management systems: Vehicle (using vehicle sensors and GPS detection systems)

  • ERP systems such as SAP, PRIORITY, etc.
  • Synchronization of functionaries (bouncer, safety officer, garage, driver, reservation clerk)
  • On-Line Alarm Systems

The system is built on the most advanced software technologies in the

  • SQL database
  • Language Development C # .Net
  • HTML-5-based (suitable for mobile phones)

Automatic management and control over a wide variety of functions:

  • Tracking and planning versus execution in real time.
  • A flexible reporting system allowing generation of reports by customization.
  • Mobile access to TRAXI for all functionaries
  • Alarm system in a wide variety of methods and timings

Scheduling deliveries by integrating various types of data such as: truck type, site access permits, vehicles and driver availabilities.

Automatic orders’ closing by sensors installed in the vehicle (not by the driver).

Simultaneous implementation by a number of operators

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